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Gabby Petito's case. theres not much yet but Gabby and her boyfriend Brian were traveling the world. the last time gabby would be seen is in wyoming. brian and his family refuses to work with the police after brian comes home to flordia right after gabby comes up missing. brian was just a person of interest in Gabbys case. but i believe that Brian killed Gabby Petito and heres why. would you ever drive accross the country without your significant other with their veicle? i dont think so and if she was missing why wouldnt he report her missing or tell her parents he cant find gabby. Brians family claims they havent seen him sense last tuesday ( spetemeber 14th) and that he said he was going to a park. now heres what i think about that. i think that Brain fled because he knew he was going to get caught soon and he didnt want to end up in prision. I feel like the police should have taken him into coustody awhile ago when this first started. Some very sad news the last Gabbys family will ever hear from her again is “No service in Yosemite.” Gabbys mom believes that wasnt Gabby who texted her this because Gabby would always send longer texts. FBI is pretty positive the body they found earlier today (sep 19th 2021) in a national park in wyomning is Gabbys body. FBI said they arent completly sure it is Gabby but the describion of Gabbys body is fitting perfectly to the dead body they found. Neocities.

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